1. VA - VSK, End Train, Flaminia, Bastian Horro, 6SISS, Liza Aikin, Insolate ft. Sara Renar
    VSK, End Train, Flaminia, Bastian Horro, 6SISS, Liza Aikin, Insolate ft. Sara Renar

  2. BUNDLE: freedom series - Pessimist, Eomac, Swarm Intelligence, Lag, Ninos Du Brasil, P.E.A.R.L., Elektro Guzzi, 6SISS, S.A.D., Katran, Ossa Di Mare, In Half Light, SpunOff, Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Julian Morawe

  3. Ninos Du Brasil, Elektro Guzzi, S.A.D. (End Train remixes) - RMXD Vol.1
    Ninos Du Brasil, Elektro Guzzi, S.A.D., End Train

  4. 6SISS (incl. Katran, Tapefeed remixes) - Primitive Culture
    6SISS, Katran, Tapefeed

  5. Julian Morawe (incl. P.E.A.R.L. remix) - Social Adjustment
    Julian Morawe, P.E.A.R.L.

  6. Flaminia vs. End Train vs. Tapefeed - Full Swap (Incl. Eomac, Swarm Intelligence, 6SISS remixes)
    Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Eomac, Swarm Intelligence, 6SISS

  7. SpunOff - Milodorée EP (incl. Lag and Flaminia remixes)
    SpunOff, Lag, Flaminia

  8. In Half Light & Ossa di Mare (incl. Pessimist Remix) All Fate, No Future
    In Half Light, Ossa di Mare, Pessimist

  9. Tapefeed - Ruled by the Blondes (incl. Answer Code Request and Killawatt remixes)
    Tapefeed, Answer Code Request, Killawatt

  10. Flaminia feat. Benas BAR (Acolytes Of Yama) - Torn Up From The Roots
    Flaminia feat. Benas BAR (Acolytes Of Yama)

  11. End Train - THEOTHERSIDE 04 (incl. Byetone remix)
    End Train, Byetone

    VSK, Torn Relics, Tapefeed, Flaminia, End Train, Kinn, Forest Of Fire

  13. End Train - THEOTHERSIDE 02 (incl. Uun remix)
    End Train, Uun

  14. Flaminia - THEOTHERSIDE 01 (incl. Kwartz and Sam KDC remixes)
    Flaminia, Sam KDC, Kwartz


  16. Metempsychosis - Best Of (Compilation)
    Oscar Mulero, Kwartz, VSK, Uun, Headless Horseman, End Train, Flaminia, Tapefeed, Vril and more!

  17. End Train - Breaking The Silence (incl. Oscar Mulero and VSK remixes)
    End Train, Oscar Mulero, VSK

  18. Flaminia - Illusion In Fire (incl. Headless Horseman and Ancestral Voices remixes)
    Flaminia, Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices

  19. Tapefeed - Dawn On The Eclipse (incl. Vril remix)
    Tapefeed, Vril, Metempsychosis Records

  20. DOUBLE RELEASE: Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices remixes) + Tapefeed (Vril remix)
    Headless Horseman, Flaminia, Ancestral Voices, Tapefeed, Vril

  21. DOUBLE RELEASE: End Train (Oscar Mulero, VSK remixes) + Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices remixes)

  22. FULL VINYL Discography: End Train (Oscar Mulero, VSK rmx); Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices rmx); Tapefeed (Vril rmx)
    End Train, Flaminia, Tapefeed

  23. FULL THEOTHERSIDE Series: VSK, Byetone, Kwartz, Uun, Sam KDC, Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Torn Relics, Ireen Amnes, Michael Wells, Ossa Di Mare, MARMO, SpunOff, Burden/DLTN, Felix Fleer/Rhythen, Niobe, Forest Of Fire, Kinn

  24. VA - Meet The End
    Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Ossa di Mare

  25. Flaminia - Palingenesia [free download]


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