1. DOUBLE RELEASE: Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices remixes) + Tapefeed (Vril remix)
    Headless Horseman, Flaminia, Ancestral Voices, Tapefeed, Vril

  2. End Train - THEOTHERSIDE 04 (incl. Byetone remix)
    End Train, Byetone

    VSK, Torn Relics, Tapefeed, Flaminia, End Train, Kinn, Forest Of Fire

  4. End Train - THEOTHERSIDE 02 (incl. Uun remix)
    End Train, Uun

  5. Flaminia - THEOTHERSIDE 01 (incl. Kwartz and Sam KDC remixes)
    Flaminia, Sam KDC, Kwartz


  7. FULL THEOTHERSIDE Series: VSK, Byetone, Kwartz, Uun, Sam KDC, Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Torn Relics, Ireen Amnes, Michael Wells, Ossa Di Mare, MARMO, SpunOff, Burden/DLTN, Felix Fleer/Rhythen, Niobe, Forest Of Fire, Kinn

  8. End Train - Breaking The Silence (incl. Oscar Mulero and VSK remixes)
    End Train, Oscar Mulero, VSK

  9. Flaminia - Illusion In Fire (incl. Headless Horseman and Ancestral Voices remixes)
    Flaminia, Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices

  10. Tapefeed - Dawn On The Eclipse (incl. Vril remix)
    Tapefeed, Vril, Metempsychosis Records

  11. Metempsychosis - Best Of (Compilation)
    Oscar Mulero, Kwartz, VSK, Uun, Headless Horseman, End Train, Flaminia, Tapefeed, Vril and more!

  12. DOUBLE RELEASE: End Train (Oscar Mulero, VSK remixes) + Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices remixes)

  13. FULL VINYL Discography: End Train (Oscar Mulero, VSK rmx); Flaminia (Headless Horseman, Ancestral Voices rmx); Tapefeed (Vril rmx)
    End Train, Flaminia, Tapefeed

  14. VA - Meet The End
    Flaminia, End Train, Tapefeed, Ossa di Mare

  15. Flaminia - Palingenesia [free download]


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We make music, run experiences and this label to inspire people to make a change toward the lives they want.

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