Metempsychosis VA 001 aggregates a diverse range of musical output from broken experimental to a solid four to the floor and everything in between. The tracks share a common motif, combining melancholic and dreamy atmospheres with a forward looking attitude to techno.

With Duality Of Self, Flaminia opens the EP with an engaging groove made with deep dark drums. Screaming pads add a layer of mystery, broken by provocative silences. Various experiments create a unique style.

Tapefeed’s Auction conveys a sense of inner energy that would lift up the listener from the ground. The broken beat sanctions the right to dance while the high frequencies maintain a nostalgic feeling throughout the whole track.

Ossa Di Mare’s Surrendered To Her is a deep and moving work that hits the listener in the heart. The perfectly carved kick and bassline smoothly sustain an evolving distant pad. The soft and contained acid-like stab ensures the track never stops conveying energy.

End Train’s Mystic Echo closes the EP with a dreamy and concrete 7 and half minutes. The tune keeps building up until an articulated synthetic organ resolves the tension. Kick and bass keep the energy level high to respect the dancefloor.

'In disorder, begin.'


released March 17, 2017

Mastering: Niumen Mastering www.facebook.com/niumenmastering/
Mixing: Duality Of Self - Fusky www.facebook.com/fusky.techno/
Auction - Manuel Scaramuzzino www.manuelscaramuzzino.com
Artwork: YSSM www.instagram.com/yssmvisual/


all rights reserved


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