Flaminia feat. Benas BAR (Acolytes Of Yama) - Torn Up From The Roots

by Flaminia feat. Benas BAR (Acolytes Of Yama)

Blood Moon 05:36


Torn Up From The Roots is the debut EP of Acolytes of Yama, London based duo born from the collaboration between musician and producer Flaminia and shamanic singer and creative director Benas BAR.

Celebrating the feeling of being lost and not belonging.
An invitation to explore, inquire and question.
An encouragement to cut off the roots, to go and look for more.

An acknowledgement of the importance of the journey to find freedom from the mind.
To create a reality of your own.
To fight and survive.
To meet your tribe.
To find the way home.


released March 26, 2020

Artwork by: Benas BAR
Original picture by: Wen Zhelini
Mixed by: Andrea Greco (01,02), Sam KDC (03)
Mastered by: Sam KDC
Distributed by: Triple Vision
Published by: Metempsychosis Records
All rights reserved Voluntas Music LTD 2020, London, UK
Written and Produced by Flaminia, Benas BAR


all rights reserved


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