End Train - THEOTHERSIDE 02 (incl. Uun remix)

by End Train, Uun



THEOTHERSIDE is the new digital-only project by Metempsychosis Records. The third release of the series presents a single by End Train with a remix by Uun.

Human life happens at different levels, both in the mind and the body. The two are so deeply connected that changing one immediately affects the other. For instance, when we are worried and caught up in our thoughts, the mind sends signals to the body - leaving it closed and crunched. Contrarily, when the mind feels clear and elated - the body relaxes and opens up.

The way the body moves feeds back to the mind, affecting its state accordingly. When the body contracts, our thoughts flow toward negative outcomes, or worse, they stagnate. When the body opens wide to the environment, the mind clears up and sees new possibilities ready to be taken.

The mind-body feedback shows the incredibly strong connection between the two components of our being, making us aware of the potential of using either to positively condition the entire system.

Can you see the connection with THEOTHERSIDE of your being?


released June 6, 2019

Artwork by: Le.BLUE, www.leblue.net, Instagram @le__blue
Mastered by: Sam KDC
Distributed by: Triple Vision
Published by: Metempsychosis Records
All rights reserved Voluntas Music LTD 2019, London, UK


all rights reserved



Metempsychosis Records London, UK

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